Wednesday, 7 September 2011

LSNED Wednesday 7th September

growing your hair is SLOW
Spontaneous laughter is the best kind!

Today was the first day back at school for Miss M. She had to be called back and reminded to kiss Mummy goodbye and she had her hair in a bobble because she wants to grow it and that's one of the conditions. She has to have it tied back off her face or it gets cut.
at3.30pm we were in the school yard waiting for her to come out and we both had to smile because the bobble was still there, just. The clips and slides were hanging on but most of her hair was loose and flopping around her face.
A conversation followed about what she had done during the day and how pleased Mummy was that the bobble was still in her hair even though it was only just in her hair.
"You can plait it tomorrow, mummy" she said even though her hair isn't quite long enough to plait yet. "Oh good,"said Mummy, "one plait, I think I can manage that" OH no Mummy, two plaits, it's got to be two". "Oh good" said Mummy, turning to me "two plaits!"
Don't worry Mummy, you'll soon have lots of practise and get very good"
My laughter followed them along the pavement towards their home. I went into my house feeling so much better than I have for days.

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