Friday, 2 September 2011

Freebies ar Good!

Shimelle pointed us to a blog today where the blogger has made some downloadable (the words we are creating on this here intarwebby are amazing aren't they?) files with lovely things to use in our LSNED album this year - and they are FREE! now isn't that kind? Take a look at this blog
I am just going to read the prompt for today and then see if I can begin to make my album. Yes I am that far behind and I didn't realise until last night when I decided that I might as well start.
This kind of tells me that I am still rather half-hearted abot joining in this year, and I don't know why. My down time has always been February and I don't remember ever being this low in September. I should be eagerly awaiting my birthday but I'm not. I should be bouncing with energy in my favourite time of the year and I'm not. Going to make a cuppa and have a good wallow in misery for a while and THEN I'll make my album and do my first page.

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Alison said...

Popped over from LSNED...hope you're on the way back up soon!