Monday, 12 September 2011

LSNED Monday 12 September

Today I relearnt that S*d's law is still working. The new washing machine arrived, yay great! the old washing machine had to be disconnected from the water supply and the drain pipe. The new machine has only a cold water intake. The old machine had hot and cold. Turn off cold valve and disconnect, perfect. Turn off hot valve and disconnect, scrabble to reconnect as the valve hasn't shut so water is squirting out.  I shut off the mains supply. they disconnect the various pipes and the delivery men take away the old machine.
Turning off the mains immediately causes a psychological reflex in me so I need to pee - desperately. Rush to loo chanting under my breath "Don't flush, don't flush, don't flush" because if I flush when the water is turned off the downstairs loo will stick so that when the water comes back on it simply runs straight through the cistern - one of the joys of old property with old stuff.
Son-in-law goes down the road to Wicks to get new valve. They remove old valve replace it with new one and turn the water on, perfect.
They turn their attention to the drain pipe thingy. We had to have an extension because of where the machine has to be. this was created by joining two pieces of pipe to disconnect Mr M simply undid the join leaving half the pipe attached to the outlet under the sink. When he came to join this to the new pipe from the washing machine he discovers that it is a different size! for goodness sake why do the manufacturers do this. We had to go to B&Q and get another pipe to join onto the new one and tomorrow Son-in-law will spend time with his head in a cupboard trying to attach it to the outlet. I just hope that the plumber didn't glue the bl**dy thing when he attached it.
I should have remembered that this sort of thing always happens when we have anything new. Plug and play? don't make me laugh. Every single time we have a new thing it entails at least two visits to B&Q or Wicks or somewhere like that. I am just glad we were doing it when the places were still open and not at ten o clock at night like we usually do.
I might be able to use it tomorrow.


Sian said...

You make me laugh. A lot :)

Ladkyis said...

then my work here is done!

~thinks for a moment~
No, NO not done, just ongoing, for years, and years and.... not done okay?