Friday, 25 May 2012

Scrap365 Sketch challenge

I just couldn't resist this and had to have a go.  The pictures were taken at the recent Food Festival here in Newport. The lovely lady in red was making a mermaid for Em and while she was doing it two young girls from the nearby hairdressing salon came to watch.
from the sketch by Wendy McKee
"How did you learn to do that?" the first one asked.
"I went to Ballooniversity" replied the lady, keeping her face totally straight.
"Really?" said the second girl "oh, cool! Where did you have to go?"

"Airshire" she answered giving a little wink to Em.

Both Andrea and I were in fits of laughter but the hairdressers totally accepted it.

We might live in a fast moving technological age but gullible is still out there catching people unawares, thank goodness for that.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Craft Robo YAY!

I now have my craft Robo set up in my craft room! for the first time I will be crafting in the same room as the robo AND it has its own laptop so I just flick a switch and I am ready to ROBO!!!!

Now all I have to do is transfer all the files I have on my desk top to a stick so I can transfer them to the laptop because it doesn't connect to the internet upstairs, the walls are too thick.The next thing will be to get a printer for that computer - sigh - there's always something isn't there?