Friday, 11 March 2011

Circle Journals - I still love em

I said here that I love Circle Journals and nothing has changed my mind. Even the difficulties experienced in the last one haven't put me off.

I have just joined one where you put a selection of photographs in with your CJ and everyone chooses one or two pictures and then does a double page layout. I took a load of pictures at Miss Em's birthday party so that's what my CJ is all about.

Then I noticed that there was another Open Themed CJ asking for members. I just couldn't resist. I now have to think of a theme. I thought about "How does your Garden Grow?" but then had one of those anxious moments when I wondered if everyone had a garden so now I am not sure. I suppose I could say that if they don't have a garden they could scrap about where they go to look at gardens or to enjoy a garden.... see, I just don't know.
In other news I have done a couple of pages recently, including a double page spread for the album for Miss Em. The Brownies and Rainbows did a concert recently and Miss Em was so excited to be a part of it. At one point she had red spots stuck to her face because they were singing about illness and disease. Just the sort of thing that girls that age love.