Saturday, 17 September 2011

LSNED Friday 16th September

Falling asleep after dinner is not good when you are supposed to be online cropping!
This one is for the 2011 album. From the crop
Kinda lost the plot a bit. The daily pages are ok but remembering to come here and blog is not easy. Falling asleep after dinner does not help. Mr M and I sat down on the comfy chairs, always a mistake when there are things that need to be done. We both dozed off so that when I woke up at 9pm and popped onto my puter to see what was happening I was horrified to realise that the other members of my UKscrappers team were all busy chatting and doing the page that CoventryAnn had set for us.
This one is for the Anwyn Album
Of course, I set to immediately and did my page and even though I was continually moving between where I scrap and this room where I puter, I really enjoyed my crafting. I love the result of my work and I love how different it is to the others. Fantastic.
I did another page a day or two ago for the Anwyn Album. I have been creating albums for the youngest of the grandchildren and I thought I should begin one for the first great grandchild.
I suppose I should do a small album about me for them so that if I pop my clogs before they are grown up they will have a reminder. I am obviously more like my father than I believed, he would go through phases of being "Not-long-for-this-world" but he usually gave away his possessions. Hmmmmmm, yes I think I'll make small albums for them.

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