Sunday, 11 September 2011

LSNED Saturday 10 September

my puter - as it was three versions ago
Buying a new washing machine is no fun! First we trawled the intarwebby, then we went to Comet. They didn't have a machine I liked - not even the all singing, all dancing, extremely expensive models were what I wanted. I want a top loading machine that isn't one that has a horizontal drum inside masquerading as a top loader! I can't get one. I also wanted one that didn't have electronic controls. I know, I know I am asking for the moon. I want a machine that will do a cool wash a standard wash and a hot wash; that will spin the clothes to get rid of most of the moisture and doesn't cost the earth. I don't want something that has a gazillion combinations of temperature and length of wash because that means circuit boards and that means trouble because they hate me.
I kill computers. I don't mean to but I do. Mr M has had three computers since his original PC back around 1994. I have had six, not counting the three laptops, so I suppose I should say nine really. They die. I use them and they die. They don't get a virus or any other outside influence they just keep over and stop working. Mr M says it is constant use that causes it (and my static-filled fingers). Anything that has a circuit board in it is subject to my lethal powers so the last thing I want is a washing machine that will breakdown because I switched it on.
On the other hand I could get the one with all the whistles and bells and make Mr M do the washing... now there's a thought!

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