Saturday, 19 September 2015

16: a panoramic view taken while standing somewhere high in the air.
This is the view from the front gate of the Bluefunnels house. I told you they live on the top of a hill.
They look across the Severn Estuary towards England. Those darned trees need pruning though

4: people playing a board game or card game.
Take your pick because there are borad games, war games and roleplaying games going
on in this hall. This was the one picture I knew I would get because I am one of the organisers of this Games Con.
Dragondaze was invented by me in 1984. It fell out of use for 20 years and was revived last year as a fund raising event for Barnardo's Young Carers. We seem to have done pretty well again this year.
Take a look at the website in a couple of days and we'll have the pictures of this year up there.