Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Great Big Swap of very small things - Thrilling!

I am taking part in Sian's Great Big Swap. I thought it would be fun to pack up some small things and send them to someone and to receive some from another person.

I had no idea how excited I would be when the package came through the letterbox. I was bouncing! I care fully opened the wrapping and inside I found a beautiful postcard and three - note that - three small envelopes each with a name on it.

I opened the one that said Ann - cos that had to be for me. So many small things diecuts and frames and labels and paperclippy things oh and a teeny tiny key.

I can't wait to see what is in Miss Em's envelope, but I have to contain myself until she comes home from school this afternoon.

The one for Miss Kay will need to wait until either she gets to me or I go out to her. Still, it will be an extra thing that she doesn't even know about.

My thanks to Helena for taking the time to package everything so beautifully. I am thrilled and can't wait to do a page or three...... although I feel a need to hang onto the things for a while and just grin at them. Oh aren't scrapbookers just wonderful?

I will be posting my parcel to Alison on Saturday, when Mr M takes me to the post office so it will be winging its way to Spain next week.