Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The wedding Guestbook

Best man, Best Woman, Groom and Groom
Mr M doing his Jacob Marley impression 
Today I begin the pages for the wedding guestbook for our "choice" son. He asked us to be his "Parents of Choice" because he doesn't have any family that talks to him.
We were honoured to be chosen and now I get to put together an album for their guestbook plus all those things that don't go into the formal photograph album.
I don't even know if they are having a formal photo album. The lights in the room were dreadful for photographs, making everyone and everything glow redly - even the cake made of cheeses.

Cutting the cakes (Mmmm cheese)
Everyone was asked to write something for the guestbook onto a page no larger than A4 and they were collected up during the day. Now I get to do the matting and layering and embellishing - and the theme colours were black and gold and ivory so the basic page will be black and I can then use gold to matt and some cream/ivory for journalling cards. I think I will probably leave most of those blank so that they can write their own memories on them. I have most of the place-marker cards too, as well as the order of readings AND the notice put up on the outside door telling people they were are the right place. This has the surnames of the happy couple but underneath instead of "wedding" it says "weeding".
So we achieved to new things on Saturday we went to a weeding and it was a civil partnership ceremony too.
When the pages are complete I will photograph them and show you, just not before they have seen it.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ten on the tenth - November

For a lot of years we have collected signs. I don’t mean physically carted them home I mean that when we have seen a sign that amused or confused we have taken a picture and earlier this year I began making a series of 8x8 pages and putting them into an album. This is a list of some of them. A mixture of pages and just photographs. I intended using some of the latest ones as part of the Pretty Paper Party with Shimelle but there are still only 24 hours in a day and they are all used up at the moment.

1. We went out with the Bluefunnels for Mr M’s birthday last year and we saw this sign 

2. We were driving in Cornwall when we saw this lorry with a portable building on it. We liked the sign so much we followed him for three miles to get a good shot of the sign – bear in mind that we were travelling around 50 miles an hour when I took this picture.

3.This is not, as might be assumed, a perfect picture of chain-link fencing. This is a perfect example of the Oh-look-at-that-get-a-picture-quick-but-I-can’t-slow-down I’M IN TRAFFIC!
I do try to please in every way so here we have a proper sign painted by a professional sign writer and it says “KEEP CLEAR 24hr ACSES REQUIRED. The thing that gets me is that “required” is spelled correctly. We went passed there recently and the yard is empty, the business has gone and they have taken their sign with them.

4. We were at the traffic lights when Mr M saw this car in front. It is one of those little .... you can see that can't you

5. This was outside a cafe in Porthcawl. We had fish and chips. but we could have had this with or without punctuation

6. Another cafe, this time in Amble in the north-east. We were waiting for the lifeboat shop to open - that's another story.

7. Polperro, Cornwall. We have no idea why only Italians are allowed and we couldn't ask because this was February and Polperro was shut.

8. Another Cornish sign and taken only an hour or so after the last one. Our February in Cornwall was rich with good signage

9. A recent trip to Tenby gave us this. It seems the credit crunch and the bad financial climate has reached even the pound shops now.

10. 10. I saved the best for last. This was at a garden centre near us – we thought perhaps it was written in Wenglish, that mixture of Welsh and English that serves as the local colloquial dialect.

So, that's my list of ten things on the tenth. If you want to see more then just go to Shimelle's blog and take a look at the delights she has waiting for you

Saturday, 5 November 2011

I knew her before...

Today I received the first edition of a new magazine for scrapbooking. I have done the first read through, you know the one where you look at the index then skim through the pages looking for ideas and perhaps read a line or two. Well. It's good. At least it certainly satisfies my needs in a magazine. Pictures are great aren't they and let's face it scrapping without pictures is possible but not something we want to have to do too often. There are loads of pictures in Scrap365, loads of them but there are lots of words too. Loads of interesting words that show me more about the person who designed the pages. This magazine talks to me and I like it.
The other reason I like it is that Sian Fromhighinthesky is a contributor and her article on old and new pages is just lovely.
Now I must go and decide exactly which story I am going to share tomorrow for Storytelling Sunday. OH I just remembered, I got a little carried away making those rolled paper roses and now I have so many I can give some away. If you would like five paper roses made from recycled road map paper then just leave a comment here and I will contact you and arrange to send them.