Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Summertime Scavenger Hunt - finished

My previous "Birds on a wire" had just two birds on it. I did find another on holiday that had about ten birds but the other day, well, you can see what I saw - camera speed around 40mph as usual.

I didn't get the Horn, The Mascot or the Parade. Mr M has a walking stick with a horn handle, I have a very special mascot from when I was a Girl Guide Leader and we went to camp and I intended to find the street in our town called Mill Parade. I was a little busy in the last few weeks organising a games convention... oh, not on my own, no, but it was a little time consuming. Take a look here

Once again I have really enjoyed our summertime scavenger hunt. Mr M has enjoyed finding the items for me and sometimes even slowing down for me to take a picture. I will be making an album with the pictures and this will go into the guest room with the others so that my visitors can have something to read before they go to sleep. I might even photograph it just to show everyone.

My thanks to Rinda for organising the hunt. I hope you will want to do it next year too. I cannot express how much I enjoyed this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

It was something she said

We were having a conversation while searching for the perfect rubber stamp. We intend making some invitations for a family reunion. We have a bag full of stamps that my cousin left with us, she said she never uses them now. Miss Boo loves to stamp so she was head down in the bag searching for the perfect one.

She made a pile of the ones she had shortlisted and began holding them up for me to look at

"Do we want these roses, Grandma?" she asked. I looked at the stamp and shook my head. "I don't think so, do you?" I replied

She examined the stamp, glanced up at me and as she put it back into the box she said

"No, they are more of a Sorry-I-Broke-your-legs sort of card aren't they?"
She might have said more but my shout of laughter stopped her short.

Sometimes she shows us exactly what her mother was like at that age and it is scarey!