Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sketch Challenge

I am not a great fan of layers or embellishments, I just can't often be bothered to fiddle too much - lazy that's why. However, I saw this challenge in the May edition of Scrap365 and decided to have a bit of a go.
It helped that my granddaughter and her partner and daughter were staying with us this weekend so I had someone to scrap with - it is so good to chatter while scrapping.
This is the result of my endeavours.

Journalling will go in the space at the top
I suppose I should explain the title because you simply had to be there to understand and this page is going in the album of that wedding. The simplest way to explain is with another picture
official hotel notice
I had to take a picture of the notice put up by the hotel and, of course, everything that happened for the rest of the day referred back to that error, hence Weeding the speech.
Daft I know but it was a great icebreaker amongst the guests and families and it took away some of the terrors for the Grooms as they were both shaking like leaves in autumn before the ceremony.

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