Sunday, 25 September 2011

Challenge number two

This is my version of the second challenge from the Red Ribbons House Crop.
We went to Tenby yesterday as a birthday treat for me and as a bit of a nostalgia thing. We visited the Tudor Merchant's House, a National Trust property, just to see if there were any changes since last time. The nice man in the red robes greeted us by saying "We don't open on Saturdays". Now as this was Saturday morning we found this so funny we didn't hear the rest of the sentence. It seems that normally they don't open on a Saturday but because this was the last day of the Tenby Arts Festival the house was open. I got my NT passport stamped so that was good and I got a page for the challenge as well - For The Win!

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chris hennen said...

I love how you used the parking ticket and the papers are nice