Friday, 9 September 2011

LSNED Friday 9th September

I like this picture of the houses across the road
I learnt today that when new people are moving into the houses across the road, I am just as curious as ever about who they are and why they are moving here. Having said that I should also say that we have lived here for 30 years and I am on first name terms with the immediate neighbours on either side of us, The family that live next door but one on our right and Brenda from the cottages.
There are 47 houses on our road so you can see that Mr M and I tend to keep ourselves to ourselves. I used to have a wonderful neighbour in the house to our left. He and his partner were ...... I was going to say wonderful neighbours but they weren't really. They built a roof over their back garden and called it a carport. The fact that it blocked the sunlight into my garden and doubled the drying time for my washing just made them laugh. So while we mostly got on well and I wouldn't complain too much for fear of losing him as a friend no, he wasn't a good neighbour. I wonder if he would have complained about my chickens?

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di basnett said...

Awesome photo. I'm enjoying reading your learnings.