Thursday, 18 November 2010

catching up with pages

I fell by the wayside pretty quickly with Shimelle's class. Things seemed to suddenly get pretty lively around here what with granddaughter's moving in and DS2 moving house.
I have promised myself that I will complete Journal your Christmas this year and already have my covers made and the basic pages done. I have chosen to do it 6x6 this year because I managed to do LSNED because it was 6x6 and I had all the elements ready to go.

I have manged to do several pages for several albums in the past week or two. A couple of family tree pages where I am using old photographs and also a couple of more up to date ones to add to the 2010 album. I opened the box that belonged to my grandmother. The one she kept all the family pictures in and there are hundreds of them. The good thing is that way back in the 1980s I sat down with my mother one weekend and went through the box with her and she put names to all the faces and - this is the best bit - I wrote the names on the back of the photographs with a pencil!
Ten years later Mum had her stroke and lost her sight. I am not sure why we chose that weekend or why we stuck at it even though it was getting a bit boring towards the end of the second day - we had to do the ordianry stuff as well, like cooking dinners and answering the phone because the men were doing important stuff in the shed.
I am so glad we did do it because now both Mum and Dad are gone so I have no one to answer my questions. Having looked through the box again I am even more glad as I now remember that all my grandmother's brothers looked alike when they were young so Mum had to look at each picture and remember what she had been told by her mum "That's Jack, oh that's Arthur, That's Claude, he had a glass eye, That's Bill, that's Harry, he died in the great war"
I have a separate album for each branch of the family, I have no idea how these albums will be divided up after I am gone. Perhaps I should give them to a record office or something so that they stay together. Perhaps I will have to leave them to just one of my children - perhaps I'll think about it another day.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Scrap Rat stamps

Ooh, just seen the giveaway on scrap rats blog

I think they look fabulous so I am off to see if I have enough money to spend in their shop

ETA I have had a look and they have marvellous stuff! vintage book pages, fantastic stamps, lots of interesting stuff. They had several things I desperately needed so I spent some money - and they have a free to UK mainland postage so that's even better!

lovely place