Thursday, 14 January 2010

Why do I scrapbook?

Shimelle tells us in this video

why she scrapbooks. Then she asked us why we do it too. This has to be the easiest question ever!

My Dad - this is how he lives in my memory -

told me, when my daughter was born "You have to make memories for children."

I knew exactly what he meant because it was at that moment that I realised what he had been doing all my life. I decided that I would make those memories for her and I would capture them by putting mementoes and keepsakes into a scrap book along with any photographs and I would "write a bit" about the event or memory.

My daughter is in her 40s now and has begun scrapbooking because I told her "you have to make memories for children" and she wants her daughter to have the same shelf of memories as she and her brothers have.
I cannot imagine life without my scrapbooking and I am seriously considering putting them into the local Record Office for safe keeping