Saturday, 3 June 2017

Summertime Fun Photo Scavenger Hunt -June to September 2017

First let me show you the list. This came from Patio Postcards and I am delighted to join in. I     sorry We have already started collecting. I gave a copy of the list to Mr M and he glanced at it. We went to Costco and suddenly he turns to me with a bag of asparagus in his hand and says "take the picture" I took the picture and then asked why. "The scavenger hunt!" and the tone of voice told me that this was so obvious I should have known. He has the sort of memory that retains this stuff. I read the list and couldn't even remember how many items there were.

The List:

1.       Something fuzzy
2.       Bubbles
3.       A web
4.       A zig zag
5.       A seasonal relaxing space/item
6.       A pipe
7.       The inside of something
8.       Rust or something derelict
9.       A kite or balloon
10.   Something Yellow
11.   A toy only found out during June to September
12.   A wedding
13.   A dome
14.   Someone fishing
15.   Something crafted from wood
16.   A baby (human or animal)
17.   Circles or crosses in architecture
18.   A fan
19.   Feet of man or beast
20.   Something found under ground
21.  A plaque
22.  A dial
23.  Something powered by wind
24.  Seasonal food or drink
25.  A hat

24. Seasonal Food or Drink - Asparagus very seasonal

19. Feet of Man or Beast. Nuff said

25. A Hat. 
There is a story to our hall stand (under the hats) When Miss Boo saw it in Place - she was age 10 - she turned to me and said "Oh I do like what you've done to the place". I managed to keep my face straight and thanked her then scurried to the kitchen to write it down in the notebook kept especially for things she says