Monday, 9 November 2009

To H*ll in a Handbasket

OK so there we were all set up to enjoy learning about blogging and getting some scrapping done and Mr M coughed on the way home from work and tore the muscle that he pulled when he sneezed two weeks ago. This meant I had to drive our car again - an adventure story to be related another day - and take him to the doctor and then to the hospital. He was given strong painkillers that just about took the edge off the pain as long as he didn't do anything like breathe. The doctor also gave him antibiotics to get rid of the cough that has caused all the problems.
This was all well and good but - BUT - it didn't tell us how to cope with him not being able to lie down because of the stress it caused on that muscle. He had to sleep sitting up and the only place he could do that was wedged against the table. I tried to sleep but couldn't because I was worrying that he might hurt himself if he fell asleep and slipped or something so....
Three nights without proper sleep can be a problem. Having to do real life stuff like making meals and getting the underwear washed was not a great help. Add to this the fact that the eczema on my feet decided to get much much worse - so bad that at 3am when I needed to get out of bed to go to the bathroom I cried (quietly because Mr M was asleep) at the thought of putting my feet to the floor.
All that is behind us now. Mr M is back in work, still hurting but getting progressively better each day and my feet are nearly recognisable as feet again.
So now the rest of the family have decided it is their turn. One granddaughter is having blood tests but won't tell me why; another one is in hospital awaiting a CTscan on her belly because she has awful pains; another is coping with a new baby and is soooo tired she can't even cry and the fourth one has had tantrums because we won't let her wear her best coat to school
Only the chickens are behaving and even they complain about the cold

Monday, 2 November 2009

Day one

I have just read the first part of today's email stuff so I am now good to go! Having this special blog for the class has made me think that perhaps I should start one just for the family so that I could put all the interesting stuff on it that goes into the newsletter and then I could get the cousins in Australia and Mexico and Canada to read it - now that would be the difficult part. It would be a way of sharing some of the photographs of our ancestors.
There we go then, this class is already a great success because I am thinking of ways to use blogging to keep in touch with people I rarely see - in fact some of them I have never met and as Mr M and I don't do flying anymore there are some that we probably will never meet face to face.
Waiting now for part two of today's stuff... I hate waiting.