Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunday Sweet Sunday

The caption on this reads
"He's made a hole!"
"ooh, he is Sooo grounded!"
After the excursion yesterday I spent today doing ordinary things like scrubbing the feed container for the chickens and scraping chicken poop out of their house so I could spray it with red spider mite killer. Killoo killay, oh frabgeus day!
Then I scraped the flag stones in the yard and scrubbed them. The girls were not happy about this because they hate disturbance, any disturbance. Any alteration to the pattern of their day is regarded with suspicion.
As a special treat I opened the gate that leads out into the alley at the back of our house. This little space belongs to us and it is totally enclosed so is quite safe for the chickens to roam freely. I just worry that one of the neighbours might decide to go out of their back gate to their car in the side street and they might just leave the alley gate open.
I supervise the girls when I open our garden gate, just in case. They go out and spend an hour scratching around in the weeds and it keeps the undergrowth down too. However, even though I took them out into the alley and made sure everywhere was secure when I came back in and started the scrubbing and scraping they had to come back in with me. They stood in the gateway, close together for comfort while I took all that lovely, comfortable, poo covered, shredded paper out and replaced it with nasty clean non smelling stuff. They clucked and crooned quietly to one another the whole time but when I went towards them with the intention of closing the gate they shot outside and started madly scratching around. Trying to convince me that this was their intention all along.

Today it is clear that departure from routine is unsettling for most creatures.

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