Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Miss Em is very taken with the challenge jar

I took up the challenge from Shimelle to print and cut up the sheet of little page challenges and learnt that even five year old girls can get totally taken over by something new and different.
I put them into a jar, thinking that I could use them for pages when I was a bit short of inspiration. I don't need to use them for LSNED because I have the page design sorted in my head and all the bits are ready in the project box.

When I was cutting up the pieces I had the help of Miss Em and she was really intrigued by what we were doing. She loved the idea of putting a label on the lid of the jar but the best bit for her was choosing one of the challenges.

Now bear in mind that her reading is limited because she is five and because reading seems to be something they learn by osmosis these days not through structured learning, but even so that is not what she enjoys. She doesn't really care what the challenge says, it is the choosing that she loves.
She has encouraged everyone to "Choose one, see it says on the lid, choose a challenge". Then they have to read it aloud, "Now Grandma must do that to a page", and then put it back. The important thing is that she gets to choose one first. She gives it to Grandpa to read because then he has to find his spectaclesand she can help him do that and then she puts it back. She makes the vict... other person choose and read and then she gets to choose again!
I have decided that I will make a small selection of slips - typed and printed by the computer - and put them into a container (I will use a plastic one as she is only five). These will have things like "Pick up all the toys in the living room and then take a treat from the treat box". "Brush Rosie Custard (the kitten) and then take a treat from the treat box"
There are loads of things that I can use and for as long as the novelty lasts it might just encourage a few good habits but if it doesn't then no one is hurt
I like today's lesson

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humel said...

What a lovely idea :-) I might try it with The Children...