Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Pages, lots of Pages

I have been looking after a five year old who tells me that she "loves scrapbooking and crafting Grandma". I give her a piece of paper - she prefers the white pages from the albums - and some scraps and a photograph or two. She sits at the table happily cutting the scraps into even smaller pieces then she spreads glue on the page and sticks the pieces onto it. She places the photograph where there is a space (and when she suddenly remembers it is there) and all the time she works she talks.
I quietly do my own thing while occasionally saying "uh huh, really, goodness me" and other words of few syllables. I have never been to a crop but I suspect that this is very similar.
My only complaint is that I am the one that swabs down the table after she has gone home. I meant to photograph her page today but she was gone before I remembered and she gives them all to Mummy for her scrap album. You will just have to make do with some of mine

We went out for the day with my Cousin and his wife - the other Colin and Ann - and we went to the South Wales Borderers' Museum in Brecon. I wanted to see the VCs won by men of the 24 regiment of Foot at Rorke's Drift. Mr M didn't come in as he fails to see the fascination with all these old wars. He stayed outside and when it rained he stood in the sentry box heehee.
Before we did the museum we started the day properly with Breakfast, not at Tiffany's but at Morrisons! We love breakfast at Morrisons. The eggs are always perfect. We don't like the Tesco breakfast because everything is always dried out and over cooked. I had the meat free breakfast, while Mr M and the other Colin and Ann had the all day breakfast with extra toast.

The "girls" are me and my five fellow students who were Rural Domestic Economy Students at the Monmouthshire Institute of Agriculture, way back in the dark ages (the 1960s) We meet very rarely but one of our number emigrated to New Zealand several years ago and was back home for a holiday. It was great to be the youngest in a gathering instead of the oldest. We talked and talked for hours. My daughter, who took me to the meet up, was agreeably surprised that we were not a bunch of old farmers talking about fields and the weather. Every one of the girls except me married someone in farming - four of them married fellow students - and as there were several other students from other courses in our year at the "reunion" it was good to see that some people never change. The people I was friendly with at college are still just the same, older, plumper, with more wrinkles but still the twinkle in the eyes and the ability to laugh out loud.

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