Friday, 16 July 2010

Pages and more pages

OK so I don't blog for months and then I do it twice in one day. Get used to it, I say. have been quite productive with pages recently considering how I feel so after completing the page using the picture I PSE'd

I thought I would take the photographs and get up to date. We went to Newark Park. We were going somewhere else and saw the signs for it. I checked in the National Trust book and it was open. As this is so unusual for us to find a place open when we are near it we stopped for a look. It is a little gem. The house is lived in, really lived in. Proper tenants who restored the property and stopped it falling down. When the visitors are gone they live in the rooms that we walked through. It feels loved and homey and a sheer delight to visit.
The peacocks were a bonus. One stupid woman was feeding them and when the peacock tried to climb onto her lap to get the sandwich she was eating she leapt up and shrieked.

The Barbecue page shows what the fashionable five year old puts on to help daddy cook dinner. No one told her to do it she just didn't like the smoke. What you can't see is that she is also wearing an apron and wellies and the oven mitts are on the table.

These pictures were taken by our five year old. They are of my aunt and my cousins who live in Arizona. Cousin Bob is taking pictures with his phone while Em takes pictures of him
School did a project on the rainforest and what lives there. They all had to dress up as a rainforest creature so Em insisted on being a butterfly. Her daddy made the mask and off she went. The mask got ripped by her best friend so the teacher found a ladybird costume.
I did this page on a Tuesday when my cousin Michelle comes to scrap with me. We have a book of pagemaps and each week we choose the one we will do next week and then we have a week to get the papers chosen and the pictures printed. Loads of them oare way outside my comfort zone. I have come to see that I am a minimalist scrapbooker. I like the journalling best so I am content to stick the picture on the page and then write about it. Using the pagemaps has made me embellish and tear paper and even - as on this page - ink the torn edges! Michelle is the absolute opposite to me and loves filling her pages with embellishments and colourful stuff. We are good for each other because I will try things that she does and she has begun to journal with her handwriting rather than using the computer as she agrees it is more personal.
So together we enjoy a couple of hours laughing and scrapping and those pages soon mount up.

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humel said...

Gosh, you've been busy! Lovely collection of layouts :-)