Friday, 16 July 2010

Playing in Photoshop

I am a bit late getting to grips with the Love your Pictures, Love your Pages class from Shimelle because real life is still getting in the way of what I want to do.

I managed, today, to read all the propts from the first week and the one that really took my interest was putting titles onto pictures. I vaguely remember doing this some time ago but I couldn't remember how. I had to print the pages from the prompt because flicking back and forth between windows was driving me insane - and I just couldn't remember what the prompt had said even though I was looking at it just seconds before. I don't seem to be able to retain information from the screen I need it in my hand or propped up in front of me as I work.

Anyhooo, I chose a picture with a lot of 'white space' only it had a power cable across the middle of the picture so I had to work out how to erase the cable. I managed to do that quite effectively so I then followed the instructions given by Shimelle and soon I had a title and some writing on my picture.

I have to say that I am just the slightest bit smug about this. OK so I know it's not rocket science but still, I do feel as though I have really achieved something and that has made my day. I think I will treat myself to a raisin and oat cookie, I deserve one because not only have I achieved something but my lovely next door neighbours are moving today and I will really miss them.


Scrappi Sandi said...

Well done you!! Doesn't it feel good when you crack something?!!

I am so with you on needing the printed instructions in front of me when working on the PC...until I've done it enough times for it to be 'ingrained'!! Is it an age thing do youy think? I used to say it was a blonde thing, but now I'm not so sure!! ;)

Enjoy that cookie!!

humel said...

I'm impressed that you erased the power line, not sure I'd know how to do that! The text looks really effective :-)

Hope you enjoyed the cookie! x