Sunday, 1 August 2010

Circle Journals - I love 'em

On Saturday morning I posted my CJ, the start of another adventure! This time I have chosen "My Favourite Ancestor" as my theme. I did mean to photograph the pages before I posted it but as usual I was in a ruddy blush to get it packed so I could go to the post office before going out for the day with Mr M (more of that on the other blog).
I chose my great grandmother, the actress, for my pages simply because she fascinates me. I have written at boring length about her in my blog here so I won't do it again here.
I just love doing Circle Journals (CJs) so far all the people who have taken part have been so talented and the pages they have given me are all so beautiful, and different. I realise that if I am not careful my pages would take on a "sameness" but the CJs have eight to ten different contributors so there are that same number of styles in my book. I like to leave them in the guest room as something for our guests to browse through before going to sleep. I leave books and short stories too but sometimes if you are staying somewhere and have forgotten your book it is good to have something you can pick up and read completely before you depart. Otherwise you always wish you could take the book with you and then you have to scour the internets to find a copy for yourself.
Several people have said how much they enjoy the little albums and they wish they had some for their own guest room. I give them a quick infomercial about UKscrappers and scrapbooking in general.
Anyhooo, I am in just one CJ at the moment. My plan is to get to about half way and then join another so that I can try to be always in one somewhere. I love the anticipation.

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