Thursday, 1 December 2011

Journal MY Christmas

I am Journalling My Christmas again. I think this is the 4th time for me and it is becoming a tradition. I like the idea of combining my memories of Christmas past with the preparations for Christmas present. I like making lists, I hate shopping but I have reached the age where I can give money to my children and the older grandchildren and they don't feel cheated. They like that they get jars of Damson and apple chutney and home made boxes with home made cookies as well as a crisp banknote that they can add to the iPad fund or whatever piece of electronic wizardry they must have this year. For the little ones I am still happy to shop, and in the real grandmotherly tradition I buy them clothes and books. This year I have a great granddaughter that I can now see and have visit me. She is 2years old and just right for her own copies of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and We're going on a Bear Hunt.
A copy of "Bear Hunt" will be going to the youngest grandson too. Our complete family gathering was last weekend so now I can coast towards Christmas knowing that we will be cooking for only five for Christmas day and then several more people on the following days.

I have posted my Christmas cards. Now this is a tradition. I recently had a long discussion with Mrs Bluefunnel about when cards should be posted. She feels that they should arrive on December 1st while I was brought up to send them after December 1st. We spent twenty minutes on the journey to Croft Castle discussing when we would post and finally agreed that this year it would be ON the first. Mr M was all for going to the sorting office last night and waiting until the stroke of midnight before putting the cards into the post box. It was tipping down with rain so we went to bed instead and he posted them on his way to work, because we live just around the corner from the sorting office.

I love that the wreath is ready to go on the door, just as soon as I can wire it to the door-knocker and put the batteries into the LED lights. Oh and as an aside here. When I brought Miss M home from school yesterday she pointed out that the front door needs repainting. "Do you thinks so?" I asked "it was only just painted.... um, in 1991"

She could be right. So there's another job for my children to do as part of their 30 hours gift to us for our anniversary.

I love the stepping Santa that Mr M insisted on buying last year. The only place he fits is on the mantelpiece and he kind of looks lost against the collection of spoons in this picture, but when he is climbing up and down the ladder he gets everyone's attention and if we allow the volume to be raised slightly we can drive everyone mad with the Bon Tempi type organ music playing Christmas tunes.

So, Journalling my Christmas is something I am getting used to doing. I love the prompts from Shimelle, so exciting to see the examples from previous years, and the new ways that she finds to give us ideas and get the excitement mounting are just fantastic.

Journalling my Christmas has brought back the magic; has brought out my inner child; has allowed me to enjoy once again when I thought I had lost the spark
I'm ready so let Christmas commence

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Sian said...

May I say I whole heartedly approve of your book choices? Two absolute favourites of mine. We used to love Goodnight Little Bear too - there is a series of those.

My cards are written but not posted. But the romantic notion of posting them on the stroke of twelve is very appealing..