Friday, 9 December 2011

10 on the Tenth - December

I am a bookcrosser, you can see more about bookcrossing here if you want to. The idea of releasing books into the wild and catching books appeals to me and I thought it would reduce the number of books stacked in my house... it hasn't. This is because there is a list that all obsessive dedicated readers and bookcrossers should have hanging somewhere in their house, preferably where your partner/husband/wife can see it. I did not make these rules they came to me through the bookcrossing UK group on Yahoo. So for my 10 on the tenth I give you
Rules that apply to Bringing Books Home:-
The Books Don't Count as Extra if....
1.  I am doing him/her a favour by taking the book. So It Doesn't Count.

2.  I am only buying this book by way of a donation to charity. So It Doesn't Count.

3.  He/she would have been offended if I didn't accept the book. S.I.D.C.

4.  I needed it to complete the set. S.I.D.C.

5.  I have been wanting to read this book for ages. S.I.D.C.

6.  It's a classic that everyone ought to read. S.I.D.C.

7.  It would have been wasteful not to use the Waterstone's/Smiths/Booktoken vouchers S.I.D.C.

8.  It was a present from a non bookcrossing friend. S.I.D.C.

9.  The Not So Secret Santa organiser wanted me to join the group. S.I.D.C.

10. I am a bookaholic, so I can't help it.

This list has come to you through the 10 on the tenth, a fun thing devised by Shimelle go take a look at the other players.


Sian said...

Excellent! I should probably write these down..

S said...

I laughed out loud, I hadn't heard of bookcrossing, but as long as the jist is that if you can't help it, it doesn't count - then I am in. Great post today!

BarbV said...

Very funny, I have a house full of books too, maybe I should send them out via Bookcrossing, I joined ages ago but none have left yet, they will one day ......

scrappyjacky said...

These brought a smile....but I think I shall just have to admit to no.10 and be done with it!!!!!

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

:o) Love your list - makes perfect sense to me. I could apply that same logic to crafting supplies!

Photographing Mom aka tammyshere said...

Too funny!!! Great idea. My house is full of books, too!

Angelfish said...

This made me laugh! I'm so happy to know that I'm not alone in my bookaholic ways.
Fiona x

Beverly said...

Love it, I am sending your blog link to my son's girlfriend so she has ample ammunition if needed...of course all she has to do is point towards his "office" and he has to be quiet. Excellent and amusing TEN!