Friday, 28 October 2011

Paper Roses, Paper Roses

I watched Kirstie Allsopp last night on Channel 4. She is doing a show about crafting. All sorts of crafting and last night she did paper crafting - and it was good. She did an embroidered card using free machine embroidery and a decoupage seagull that was cute but pointless. Then she did paper roses. She made them into rings for her fingers by sticking them to ring findings but as soon as she started I could see them on pages and cards.

The point was that she made them from the pages of damaged books and as she said they look great and you can do things to them. I thought "glossy Accents" and GLITTER so I went to the channel 4 website and found the instructions and had a go.

Oh my word, I have changed browsers and now use Google Chrome and what a difference it makes to uploading pictures on here! I am impressed

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