Friday, 14 October 2011

Paperbag books

Last week Lovely Sian at High in the Sky showed us how to make paperbag books, I was fascinated and as she offered to send some of her special bags to those who wanted to do this I gave her my address. The bags arrived on Wednesday and today was the first time I have had a minute to think. I didn't have time to print the instructions from Sian's tutorial, I didn't even have time to look at it for a second time so my pages are not made the same way as hers ~sigh~. I am still pleased with them even though I have no idea how I am going to use the album - yet.
I promise I will put up some pictures after tomorrow. I have a meeting tomorrow. The AGM of the local family history society. I have to be there. It is expected of the Chairman and I have been preparing my report and also putting together the December edition of the Society Journal, hence the no time to think.
On Sunday I will put the finishing touches to the Journal as it has to include all the reports from the AGM and then it goes out to the proof readers. Then I will have time to think again

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Sian said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it