Saturday, 5 November 2011

I knew her before...

Today I received the first edition of a new magazine for scrapbooking. I have done the first read through, you know the one where you look at the index then skim through the pages looking for ideas and perhaps read a line or two. Well. It's good. At least it certainly satisfies my needs in a magazine. Pictures are great aren't they and let's face it scrapping without pictures is possible but not something we want to have to do too often. There are loads of pictures in Scrap365, loads of them but there are lots of words too. Loads of interesting words that show me more about the person who designed the pages. This magazine talks to me and I like it.
The other reason I like it is that Sian Fromhighinthesky is a contributor and her article on old and new pages is just lovely.
Now I must go and decide exactly which story I am going to share tomorrow for Storytelling Sunday. OH I just remembered, I got a little carried away making those rolled paper roses and now I have so many I can give some away. If you would like five paper roses made from recycled road map paper then just leave a comment here and I will contact you and arrange to send them.


Sian said...

I am so glad that you like it! And thank you :)

One of the first things I do with a new magazine is flick through to the "What's coming next month" page. Is that just weird?! Looking forward to your story tomorrow

Angelfish said...

I've been making theses roses too. Mine are from book pages, but I have a handy die to cut them. Yours look great, maybe I'll try maps next:)
Fiona x

Dawn said...

Would love some paper roses, they would look great on some wedding or honeymoon photo pages.
Love the new magazine too!