Wednesday, 27 July 2011

NOW, this is an adventure!

Today my six year old granddaughter sat with me at the table and decided to scrap with me. Nothing unusual about that, she has been doing it since she was two but today was different. She spent ages searching through her craft box and then said "Grandma, I need a photograph of me that you don't want. I am going to cute around it and put it on my page."
I found her the pictures and she did, indeed, cut around it. She then found some special pieces of paper and card in the "bits box" and this is the result

The glitter around the photo is where she has stuck individual sequins. The flowers at the bottom of the page she got from a freebie that came with one of her magazines and the flowers around her picture are stickers BUT the stems of the flowers she cut herself as well as the trunk of the tree, the sky and the tree top. I am just so impressed with this I had to share.


Lisa-Jane said...

This is so wonderful! My little boy sometimes scraps with me. He works on A4 so that it is cheaper but he uses stuff that I don't want anymore. Its great all around isn't it? They are learning and doing without realising, we are spending time with them doing quality stuff, they are using up stuff that might otherwise sit about or go to waste. She has a talent there with that collage for sure.

Lisa-Jane said...

Just seen that you are in Newport Gwent! We will be there tomorrow as its our half way stop off on our way to Newport, Pembs. We usually stop at a play centre there. So tell me... where are the craft shops located!?