Tuesday, 26 July 2011

explore - day six observation

This was such a simple thing on paper. Take three photographs: where you sit, where you stand and where you sleep.
OK so the sitting one was a given. I spend a lot of time at my computer doing family history or writing stuff for the FH society journal, or answering the occasional question from FH society members (I am Chairman of our local FH society), so my chair in front of my computer is the place I will share.

the place I stand the most is by the kettle. I seem to be constantly making tea and coffee. I know I can't be because we always have milk in the fridge and we don't buy that much. However, my position in front of the kettle is something that seems to be a dominant image as far as the family are concerned.

Then we come to where I sleep. There are those, rather unkind, members of my family that will tell you that I can sleep anywhere, and they are not wrong. I have been found asleep in my chair in front of the computer, finger poised above the button on the mouse, drooling into the keyboard while a continuing slideshow of the photographs stored on my hard drive cycles across the monitor. If I sit down to watch TV I must sit upright or I will sleep and if for any reason I get to relax in a garden chair the sound of my snoring will drive all the birds away. Mr M has taken lots of pictures, over the years, of me asleep in various unusual places. However, the place I go to when I want to sleep is our bedroom and that's where my difficulty lay.
No one is allowed into our bedroom. It is our sanctuary. When my children were young - before I met Mr M - they needed a place they could be away from .... strife. I made up a rule that they were not to come into my bedroom without permission and we would not go into their bedrooms without their permission. This meant that most of the time they could escape and I had time to deflect the threat of violence.
So the rule has remained. We ask permission to go into each other's rooms and it has meant that there has always been a small space that is special.
I felt most uncomfortable about taking a picture of my bed or my bedroom. I thought long and hard about it. This is why I am writing today, because I did not want to put a picture of my bed on the internet for anyone to see. I went to sleep on the problem and when I woke up it was solved. This is my bedroom door. It is the closest you anyone will get to my bedroom - unless I am ill and you are a doctor. I am happy about it, all you are missing is a perfectly ordinary bed with sheets and pillows and stuff but it is MY bed with MY special pillows. It is my special place, my safety and only Mr M shares it.


Dawn said...

I completely understand your thoughts about your bedroom and thats why these prompts are so great as it gets us to think about our everyday lives and to write about things we wouldn't usually.
I've taken pictures of my bed in the past but haven't posted them on the net. I might however use one in my playbook or else where to journal the story!
Love Explore for getting us to think about scrapbooking the everyday!

Lisa-Jane said...

Totally agree with Dawn. I think you are right to do it your way. Its interesting and thought provoking none the less. And I'm glad it is not as necessary as it once was.