Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Me? a Winner?

This is my keeping cool, not excited face
I won a prize! You have all seen the entries I have done about the photo scavenger hunt and you know that it ended last Friday. Well, what I hadn't realised was that there were going to be prizes. I didn't join in for prizes, I joined in for the fun and believe me it was fun.
Anyhooo, Rinda, the lovely lady who set the challenge told us to go to her end of scavenger hunt entry and leave a comment. I really should learn to take in what I am reading because it says quite clearly that she is going to give two prizes. I simply didn't take that as real, I saw it, but ignored it! So when  I read the next entry it was a big surprise to see my name as the winner from the group that didn't get all the items.
The most difficult thing was making the choice of which book to claim as my prize - sigh - I am a Libra and while I don't read horoscopes I do seem to have a few Libran characteristics. The most important one being that I have difficulty making decisions - being balanced like the scales you see, I can't choose one side over the other.
I did what I usually do, I asked Mr M to choose. He said "It's your prize, you must choose" Then he added a few things that would help me to make a decision. Like eBook or real book? "You like to feel a book in your hands" he said. "You like to have a book where you can pick it up and take it with you" he said. "You love the smell of new books, especially those with illustrations." he said.
I chose my prize.
Now I have the excitement of waiting for it to arrive. I will tell my granddaughter and she will then ask every day if it is here yet and so I won't have to ask that question.
It is so exciting, winning a prize. My thanks to Rinda for organising the Scavenger Hunt and for giving prizes. Such a bonus! I am so pleased to have won it, and yet there were so many others who should have won. We'll have to do it again next year when I mustn't win a prize but can still join in the fun.


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Maria Ontiveros said...

It makes it more wonderful that you are so happy! Don't tell your grandchild yet, though, as the Amazon delivery may take a very long time! I sent you an email this morning with the details.

alexa said...

Wow, a book is such a lovely prize! Lovely to meet another book-lover :). Thank-you for visiting me and I'm so you're going to join in, and hope you find it a really rewarding experience. Delighted to find you and will be popping your lovely blog into my reader!

alexa said...

PS That should say "so pleased". Rapping own knuckles here.