Friday, 24 August 2012

Scavenger Hunting - another success

1. a clothesline
I have been waiting to capture this picture for a while. It is my clothes line as seen from my kitchen window. As you can see I have a tiny back garden - a real back yard - and I have three chickens so there is nothing green in my garden below chicken head height. Their house is on the right of the picture. They are so used to us opening the kitchen window and throwing them a treat that when the window opens they rush from wherever they are to where you can see them and they gaze expectantly up at us. I rewarded them with a few pieces of cocktail sausage each.
This was one of the few days this year that I have been able to put clothes onto the line and it was so nice to smell the fresh air when I was folding the clothes to put them away. I don't know how people manage without a clothesline. I suppose they must have tumble dryers or they put the clothes on radiators in the winter just like me. This year I have found myself using the clothes airer that we bought 20 years ago, I only brought it out occasionally until this year when it has only been put away because we had visitors and needed the bedroom.
Now I only have four more and just a month to do it. Doesn't time fly?


alexa said...

You're doing really well only to have four more ... I love your overhead view: visually very interesting where most washing lines are, well, linear!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love the perspective of this.

Jimjams said...

Great shot and I love the chickens looking up at you!
I too struggled with this one and was going to take a picture of our line inside a rain speckled cover in desperation when the sun finally emerged for a couple of days!