Monday, 29 August 2011

My rememberer is wearing out

It's not that I don't do lots of pages, I do. I just have to remember that I should photograph them before putting them in an album. I have just discovered the delights of 12 x 12 three ring binders. How could I have missed these? I have always used post bound albums for my 12 x 12 pages until now and I saw what was a bargain as Costco where they had scrapbooking kits with two albums in them plus a load of ribbons and embellishments and brads and stuff all for thirty quid. I assumed that the albums were post bound and thought that this was a good price for two albums with faux leather covers.

Imagine my surprise when I got them home and opened them up to find two three ring binders! and some really quite nice papers underneath them too.

I thought I would get some more of these wonderful albums so I started looking on this here intarwebby and discovered just how much of a bargain these sets were. A 12 x 12 three ring binder will cost between 20 and 30 pounds! and I got all that stuff for 30 pounds. I am using the green one for this year's album and I have already had to add to the ten page protectors that come with it. We seem to have done an awful lot this year, either that or I am remembering to photograph everything we do. Hmmm perhaps my rememberer isn't quite as bad as I imagined after all.

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