Friday, 10 June 2011

!0 on the 10th

I have a huge amount of things to do on this 10th of the month. Tomorrow is the annual Open Day of the Gwent Family History Society and as Chairman I am the public face of the Society - at least until October when I finish my three years. Incorporated in this Open Day for the first time is a family reunion for the descendants of James and Mary GIBBON. As a member of the family and keeper of the family tree I have a list of ten things I simply have to take with me. For my first ten on the tenth I give you my Things for the Reunion list

1. My camera. This goes everywhere with me but I always put it on every list incase someone else loads the car!
2 Two folding tables. We don't know how many will be available at the venue and the needs of the Society come first.
3. Albums of family pictures, cuttings and memorabilia - yes there are at least ten of these.
4. The research folders - goes without saying really doesn't it? but.... that's right just incase someone else is loading the car.
5. Posters. These are A3 size sheets to tell the family where we are in the venue simply because they will stand about outside and mutter that they don't know where to go.............I could... no.
6. Laptop and scanner. Just incase they remember to bring the pictures and things I mentioned on the invitation
7. Basic show kit. Anyone who has ever done a craft fair or an agricultural show or the village fete will know that you have to have basic stuff like scissors, sticky-tape, blu-tack, drawing pins, dressmaking pins, safety pins, pens pencils rubbers, note pads, post-its, double-sided tape, glue-sticks, a small screwdriver, pound coins, a ball of string and a small plastic bag with elastic bands in it. OH and some paper clips.
8. Bottles of water in the cool-box. There will be refreshments available but from experience I know that having my own supply of water is essential
9. Portfolio with the family tree charts and the relationship chart plus the small trees for each sub group so they can find the mistakes and correct them with glee!
10. The Special Edition of the Gibbon Gazette. This is the irregular family newsletter that gets sent out to everyone for whom I have an address or an email addy. Trying to get stories for it is like finding hen's teeth but everyone seems to love it and will always ask when the next one will be available. The special edition is the story of my eldest grandson's Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme Gold Expedition, with loads of pictures. Perfect.

So there you have it. No pictures of anything because this is all preparation stuff. Tomorrow I will attempt to get pictures of everyone and also stories of their parents. I intend regaling them with the information I have found about The Real Uncle Charlie so we should have a good day.


Ruth said...

Excellent! I hope you hsve an amazing weekend!

Connie said...

great list and you won't forget anything!!

Rebekah said...

I love lists for this kind of thing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

furrypig said...

you have a great list hope the weekend goes well