Sunday, 5 June 2011

How to use alpha stamps

I have seen a lot of how-to blogs with pictures and videos lately so I thought some people might like to see a special one.

This is called how to work with Alpha Stamps. You begin when Grandma buys two big sets of scrapbooking stuff from Costco and then gives you one of the alpha stamps sets for your very own.

First you get your Grandma to write the words with a pencil on her notepad so you can copy them. Then you stamp each of the letters across the top of a 12 x 12 piece of white paper - Grandma has a lot of these from her scrapbooks and she lets me use them for drawing and stamping and cutting out too.

 This next picture looks like I am banging the stamps onto the paper, but I'm not doing that. Grandma showed me how to ink my stamps properly and then how to press "firmly but gently" so that the letters don't smudge.

 Then you keep on inking each stamp in turn and making sure that they are lined up properly before pressing them onto the page. I like stamping and Grandma allows me to use her special clear stamps with the blocks you can see through. They are much easier to use than wooden ones and I am dead good with those. You can see the other picture in front of me. That is one of my Princess pictures. We had to use tissue paper and felt pens and a glue-stick. I drew the shapes and everything

 Now I have finished stamping I must make sure my stamps are clean so I use a baby wipe. Grandma has a big packet of them on the shelf and I am allowed to get one out as long as I make sure the funny lid is closed and then we turn the packet upside down to keep the wipes moist. I have no real idea what this means but it seems to keep Grandma happy when we do it.

The next thing to do is to put all the stamps back in their special container and then put them into my craft box.

Grandma gave me my own craft box when I was nearly five. I keep my stamps and my pens and my glue sticks in it and I have small containers with sequins and beads and flowers too.
I love to scrapbook with my Grandma and she says she likes to scrapbook with me too. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial on how to use alpha Stamps.  Emily. age six.

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Melissa said...

What a wonderfully cute post & great photos! It's always fun to scrap together, I think.