Tuesday, 18 August 2015

more for the Scavenger Hunt? - not sure

10. A college or University.
This is the University of Wales, Newport City Campus. It says
so on the sign. Difficult to capture it because we were going past at around 25mph
in traffic so I had to click as quickly as I could and hope for the best

16. A panoramic view taken while standing somewhere high
I am quite chuffed with this one simply because I got the gateway
and not just another hedge picture. I have a cunning plan for the real picture

20. A natural body of water
This is technically not the sea. This is the Severn Estuary -
actually this part is called the Bristol Channel by most people but that is
really just the navigable bit that goes to Avonmouth. This is the
beach at Trecco Bay, Porthcawl. Two of the three youngest grandchildren
enjoying a sunny day on a beach no longer stained with coal dust from the coal port at Cardiff

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