Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Scavenger Hunt - more from our Anniversary Break

14 Traffic Signal

The traffic signal took some getting because it was too far away when we were stopped and then, of course, everyone rushes through as soon as it goes to green. It's a good job I am experienced at this speed photography lark

5. Architectural columns
Saw these columns - well, actually Mr M said "Haven't WE got achitectural columns on our Scavenger list?" So I looked and said "Ooooooohhhh yes!"

Took pictures of both sides of me. This was at Killerton House, in Devon. We had delicious food there. The National Trust source as much as they possibly can from the local area so the pork loin in my dinner as well as the courgette, tomato and herbs for the Ratatouille all came from the estate at Killerton and the cheeses all were made with milk from local farms and came from a somerset cheesemaker for Mr Ms Ploughman's lunch.

5. Architectural columns

12. A Public restroom, bathroom or toilet

The toilets were pretty smart too. Not a great fan of pink walls in a ladies loo but this seems to be the fashion at the moment. I would prefer to see something not quite so sexist - but that's the "Rabid women's libber", as I was once called, in me - something like a rich clotted cream colour or a strong lilac. This is something I will be suggesting to the NT on my next feedback card.

20. A natural body of water

My view of the Bristol Channel from the car at 70mph, you can just see my reflection in the wing mirror. The tide was out so what we can really see is mostly mudflats with the deep water channel in the far distance. The coastline is north Somerset.


Lady Ella said...

Like your unusual swirly columns!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those are amazing columns.