Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Valentine's Postcard Exchange

 These are the postcards I received. aren't they lovely?
It was such good fun choosing and sending out my cards and then waiting... I hate waiting ...

Some of them came from so far away and now they are pinned to my wall until December 31st.

What? you don't do that? oh I love postcards and I have kept every one I have ever received since I was a small child. My Granny used to send me a postcard every time she went anywhere. She went to America for three months to visit her brothers and sisters who emigrated there in the 1920s and she sent me more than 50 cards which were destroyed during an altercation in a previous life.
I kept my postcards well hidden after that. Mr M doesn't share my love of postcards but he has been known to carefully put away any new additions in the file drawers allocated to them.

I always pin them to the wall just behind the front door - after I have read them and showed them to Mr M of course - and there they stay until the end of the year when they will be transferred into categories in the drawer


Sian said...

It's lovely to see your cards. I keep all mine too..right back to the ones my Grandpa used to send me when I was little. And he used to keep the ones I sent him and them give them back to me when I got home so I could put them in my album

alexa said...

Sad to read about the ones which didn't survive ... but how nice that you are supported in keeping them now. That's a lovely collection.