Friday, 2 January 2015

Sometimes I worry...

Sometimes I worry because I see other people's blogs with pictures of their scrapbook pages and they have all sorts of stuff on the page. Metal stuff like paper clips and staples, wooden bits like pegs and they use different tapes and stickies. 

I worry because staples will rust... not "might" rust but will definitely rust as will paper clips. Sticky tapes will dry and the sticky might damage pictures unless it is acid free.

 I wonder if they have thought about how long their pages will last with all this stuff - putting doilies on a page is fine as long as they are not the cheap ones from the bargain shop because they are NOT acid free and the paper will leach the acids into the acid free paper and leave a permanent doily impression on the backs of pictures and that will soak through the pictures.

 I think I have to make a resolution to stop worrying for other people

In the mean time here is a ZiZo Miss Boo enjoying an after dinner magnum


alexa said...

An after dinner ice cream sounds a great way to chill out and stop worrying for others :).

Sian said...

Yes, stop worrying :) Trust me: I'm a librarian. I've done whole courses in this stuff. I can tell you all about acid free sprays and foxing and what sweat does to paper. But I still use staples and doilies and tape on my pages - I actually like that "old scrapbook"feel you get when a little bit of tape starts to yellow. It reminds me I'm looking at something from the past, underscores the passage of time. Plus, think of all the documents we have which have lasted since medieval times - the Paston letters, for example.