Saturday, 7 June 2014

Scavenger Hunt 2014 -2

We went out for the day with Admiral and Mrs Bluefunnel................................sorry, since his acquisition of land in Scotland they must now be known as Admiral Lord Bluefunnel and Lady Bluefunnel.
As usual we left home early and stopped for breakfast, this time in a lovely little eatery in Bristol called The Boston Tea Party. We ordered our breakfasts, the Bluefunnels led the way up the stairs. I collected the tray with our tea and coffee and followed them up. I was fine all the way up to the top step, which has an extra inch added to its height by a thick metal strip designed to make it more visible.
I have short fat legs
My toes did not clear the edge of the step and I pitched forward throwing the tray of near boiling tea and coffee onto the floor and then lying in it after landing loudly on my knees
I didn't cry
I even allowed the Lord Admiral to take my picture so I could show you what a red hot coffee stain looks like. You see how I am thinking of my blog friends all the time? It even splashed on my glasses and onto my beloved tweed baseball cap!
We changed the order of the day and went to the Clark's Shopping Village in Street, Somerset where they have lots of outlet shops and I was able to purchase a new top. We had to stop for a cuppa before we really got down to serious browsing through the shops. I bought another top and a fabulous pair of trainers. The Kind people allowed me to use their changing room and gave me a carrier bag to the coffee filled top to keep it from my lovely new top.

Then we decided to go to Shepton Mallet for lunch and I managed a quick snap at the town sign. For those who are new to my style of photography please remember that while I am usually in the passenger seat and travelling around 40mph this time I was in the back of the car. Still travelling at the same speed though
After lunch we went to Wells where we intended to have a look around the cathederal, watch the fabulous clock and then come home.
The Cathederal was shut. Today was the day for installing the new Bishop of Bath and Wells. We watched a man in a yellow shirt and matching tie for a while. He made us realise just why we love this country and then we came home.
On the way I managed to get a picture of the signs for the tolls on the Second Severn Crossing - in English and Welsh. I would like the pictures to be clearer but as a start I am pretty darned pleased. My knees hardly hurt at all and I hope the coffee stains come out of what was my favourite top


Anonymous said...

Oh how neat, a sign in Welsh. So glad to hear you weren't hurt when you fell and I hope that stain comes out, it looks like a really nice top.

Sian said...

Ow,! I think a bit of a whimper at least would definitely have been in order..I'm very glad you are okay and still able to scavenge

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think I would have shed a tear or two myself! I'm glad you're getting off to a good start on this year's hunt.

Miriam said...

This is just too funny, I think you did well to capture the welcome sign at 40mph from the BACK seat! I'm sure the coffee stain will come out. I have just discovered a new product from Vanish that actually works. Apparently (so husband said) it is so good that I would be so thrilled and dance coquettishly around the house! in your dreams husband. I am thinking a trip across the bridge will get me the sign in welsh.
Lovely and brave to see the pictures of you in a wet tea shirt ;)

alexa said...

Great to see a Welsh sign :). Your powers of recovery are admirable after such a shock - I'm not sure scavenging would have featured in my thinking at all! Hope there were no after effects :).

Maggie said...

Looks like I copied you with a photo of the same Welsh sign. I didn't see yours honest!

Missus Wookie said...

I do like that you manage so many photos at 40mph, glad Wookie wasn't driving he tends to be enthusiastic about speed limits.