Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Fisherman - Scavenger Hunt again

Today we had one of our days out with the Bluefunnels. We did the Quantock Hills Treasure Trail and during the course of the trail we had to stop near a reservoir to find the answer to a clue. While we were finding the answer Mr M noticed that there was a man fly fishing just down below us.

This is where I was Exceptionally Brave. I am not tall. I used to be 5 feet one and threequarter inches tall, but as I get older I am shrinking. This meant that while I could see the fisherman there was an awful lot of frondy grass waving about between me and him.
"Stand on there," said Mr M. I looked at there and realised that he meant me to step up onto a little wall. The little wall that was built to stop idiots falling down the slope and into the reservoir.
I gave him the look - sorry The Look. You know the one, it says 'You must be....... joking!'
He gave me a look. "No," he said, "step up there then onto that flat bit, I will hold you."
That made everything alright. So I stepped up there and then onto the flat bit and took the picture and was helped safely down again. We took the answer to the clue back to the car and drove on to the next place to find the answer to another clue.
We completed the Trail and I crossed another picture of the list.

Only three left now


Miriam said...

You are braver than me! I would have made HIM take the picture for me...

Karen said...

I know all about The Look! But you got the photo!

Starnitesky said...

I have scrolled down to see your finds, very impressive. I still have quite a lot still to get.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Yea on the Scavenger Hunt making you brave! And I love the fisherman's vest. The puzzle hunt sound like fun (don't think we have such things here).

alexa said...

Hurrah for courage! And you got the goods as well as the reward of feeling good about being brave :).

Anonymous said...

Now that is brave! I think I would have asked John to take it instead of climbing up on a wall. :)