Sunday, 14 July 2013

Someone or something taking a nap - PSH

This is my baby boy - well my youngest son. He had keyhole surgery on his shoulder last Tuesday and seems to think that because he is home and can walk about that he should not still have pain and should be able to "be back to normal". I have explained that after invasive surgery your body has to recover from the trauma and that ten years ago he would have been kept in hospital for a week, but what do I know? I am just him Mum.
He thinks that sleeping all the time is wrong. I sigh to myself and explain that your body can only do so much and to give it chance to recover it is ok to sleep, because then your body doesn't have to waste energy keeping you awake and doing things it can concentrate on healing -But what do I know? I am just Mum.
He says he keeps getting hot all the time, I explain it is the weather and having 30 degree temperatures means that everyone is feeling hot just as he does - But what do I know? I am just Mum.
I say "do you have pain?" he says yes.
I say "have you taken the pain killers?" he says no.
I roll my eyes and explain that they gave him the pain killer for a reason and I wonder if he knows what that reason is. He looks at me like I am speaking in tongues. "They are to stop the pain so you can sleep" I say, and we immediately go back to "Sleeping is wrong"
Then he finishes his drink of water, taking two pain killers because I gave them to him and stood over him in a threatening (but motherly) manner, and within 20 minutes was sound asleep again.
You would imagine that someone over 40 who has served in the army in Bosnia and in Northern Ireland would be able to cope but because he is living with us again it's just like he has regressed into a teenager. It's a good job I love him - but that's cos I'm just Mum


Maria Ontiveros said...

What wonderful storytelling today!
And sleep is definitely the most amazing recovery device there is.

katherine powell said...

Awe :-) hope he gets better soon!

Miriam said...

Oh I have a boy who was poorly lately and we had exactly this conversation and when I told my husband about it he said, "oh what do you know, you are just a mum"

Cheri said...

This one just made me laugh. I think all men are such babies when they are sick or recovering! They try to be all macho and pass on the pain meds and then wonder why they aren't feeling well enough to handle their normal routine. sheesh.

Missus Wookie said...

Glad he has his Mum there to help out and hand him the pain killers :)