Thursday, 15 November 2012

A few Weeding pictures

The Proposal
 Just a few of the pages I did.

The Proposal is told from both points of view. You can see the surnames in one of the pictures so I will simply call them by those.
Andrews has no family. Apparently he told Cooke that if he could choose parents then he would choose Mr M and me - isn't that lovely? We would be his parents of choice. So When Cooke decided to propose to Andrews he seized the opportunity, on a visit to us, to formally ask permission to propose. We were to keep this a secret - Andrews was in the loo when we were asked - so we did.
The Preparation
On New Year's Eve 2010 the proposal happened and we received a phone call just after midnight from a very emotional Andrews, telling us that he had received a proposal and had accepted.

The Ceremony was arranged for the following November and when we arrived at the venue I discovered that I was to be the one to give Andrews away. I was also asked if I would put together the guest book and "put some pictures into an album because you do that scrapbooking stuff"

The sign from the door

The Ceremony

Fire and Light
this is the sign that the hotel put onto the door to show the guests the way to the correct room. When we left the party that evening it was still there so I took it for the album. I also managed to get the little metallic confetti stuff, you know it! The hearts and just-married, and things. and some of the flowers from the tables and the manuscript of the Best Man's speech. I also made a pocket page for one of the table runners that Cooke made so they will have somewhere safe to keep it.
The Party

The ceremony was beautiful, and seeing the pair of them standing and shaking with nerves together set the tears trickling down my face.

Then there was the reception and the cakes. Two cakes one a fruitcake with icing and the other was six or seven layers of cheeses, many different varieties of cheese. After this everyone changed into their Masked Ball costume (Mr M and I were not staying for the party, we were coming home as we don't do parties, I get panic attacks). We watched as more people arrived and marvelled at the masks and costumes. We met up with lots of old friends and managed lots and lots of hugs from some extra special people.

The party moved outside where there was a fire eater and chinese lanterns. We left then for the two hour drive home.

All in all it was a wonderful day.

I wanted the pictures to tell the story so I did not embellish the pages very much. Because the album has 70 pages I used only the right-hand pages. This leaves a lot of room for Andrews to write the story onto the left-hand pages, if he wants to. There are also about pages at the back of the album that are empty - the darned thing was heavy enough before I put the pages in. These empty pages will also serve as pages for journalling.

So there it is The Weeding Album.

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