Friday, 26 October 2012

Cartwheel Training

We have a favourite picnic place that we often go to. We don't take sandwiches, oh no that's not the sort of picnic we like. We go out to a place called Black Rock, which is on the Welsh side of the Severn Estuary not far from the Second Severn Crossing.
The Lave Net Fishermen work that part of the estuary and there are only 15 people licensed to fish in this way. One more traditional craft that is dying before our eyes.. That's not why we go there either. What we do is this.

We decide that we cannot be bothered to cook so we text my daughter and see if she wants to come to Black Rock, and stop at Kibby's in Bulwark for fish and chips. They make the best fish and chips in the area and most times my daughter will say yes so we all pile into the car and drive twenty miles to buy fish and chips and then go down to Black Rock to sit at the picnic table and eat them. We are not alone in doing this, although I don't think most people travel twenty mile just to eat fish and chips staring at the tide.
The picnic area is grassy and great for learning to cartwheel when you are seven - even when you have never done it before. Mummy tried and decided that she is the wrong shape now. Grandma? well, I just grinned and then gave clear instruction while trying not to laugh or fall over when taking the pictures.

I used the sketch based on a design by Tiff Firth from the Scrap365 challenge to do this page and even if I say so myself I think it is quite nice


Sian said...

lol! I don't think I was ever the right shape for cartwheels. I love th sequence of pictures and the way the embellishments really do look like cartwheels.

Paula@Scrap365 said...

Ahhh cartwheels, that brings back memories, those were the days with hot summers too!
Great LO and story, thanks for taking part:)

alexa said...

Great series of photos and those embellishments tie in so perfectly. Clearly, those fish and chips MUST be good!

Lisa-Jane said...

Do I spy some of the Papermania Capsule collection papers there? Funnily enough I used some just today! I've not heard of Black Rock or Bulwark but we do cross the bridge every year. Is it the new one or the old one? (We use the new one now). Fish and chips by the water sounds glorious to me.

Morag Cutts said...

I remember cartwheel training with my DD. Great way to use the sketch - love the photo sequence too. TFS