Sunday, 22 July 2012

Getting better....

Mr M listening to what Gordon is telling us
Gordon telling the man who touched things about the mill leat
 I have already blogged that I was ill, well yesterday Mr M took me out for a little ride to make me feel better. It took a while. For some reason what ever made me ill took away the internal sensor that stops a person feeling car-sick. The light was too bright, the air coming through the window was just full of perfumes and strange smells and quite honestly it was almost overwhelming what with the swoop and glide of the car too. It got better and we went to a lovely place called Talgarth. We have been through it many, many times and alwaysliked the look of it. When the by pass was done it was much easier to go straight past but a couple of years ago there was a TV programme about the old water mill there and how the people had acquired funding and a project manager to restore the mill and make it a tourist place. It is delightful and if you are ever in that area you must go look at Bronlleys Castle and climb the staircase and then go to the town centre and go into the mill.

If you are very lucky you will have Gordon as your volunteer. He knows about mills. He helped restore Gelligroes about five years ago and he has done the volunteer guide thing there too.

a cool place to sit and admire

 We had a cuppa in the cafe there simply to add a little to their coffers. The service was lousy the coffee was good but as the staff are all volunteers it is just something we are supposed to accept. Just as well I don't live there or they would be feeling the benefit of my years of expertise.

for the scavenger hunt
We then went to Brecon and had a late lunch in Morrison's. We had fish and chips and I managed to eat all the fish so that stopped Mr M worrying. When we set off again it was as though I had found the off switch and the queasyness was completely gone. We will go there again with the Bluefunnels. Not much walking and a very interesting man to talk to.

On the way home we saw the outside staircase so we added that to the tally for the scavenger hunt.

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Sian said...

It's good to hear that you are out and about again. Sounds like you really were pretty sick..