Friday, 22 June 2012

Storage Solutions

the stuff under the table belongs to my cousin
The new Scrap365 is on sale - I love that magazine! and on their blog here they ask us about our storage solutions. I do the same as most people I suppose. I use the clear plastic food containers that our chinese takeaway is delivered in.
They are perfect for small stuff and you can see through them. I find  if I put stuff into solid containers it is like a vanishing trick and I forget I have stuff. so no drawers or boxes that can't be clearly marked or that don't sit in my direct line of sight. I have a "really useful" storage box full of these wonderful containers. They don't smell of food after a go through the dishwasher and they are just perfect for me.

So there ya go, my storage solution. I am sure more people will join in with this so pop over to Scrap365's blog and take a look


Anonymous said...

Great idea and cheap to boot (and an excuse to have a take away - win, win, win!).

Sian said...

Yes, I think you are right - I have drawers and I think they might be a mistake!