Sunday, 2 January 2011

I have a new Camera!

I have been given a camera, not new but new to me. A very dear friend came to stay for New Year. We haven't seen him for a long time because his now ex-wife didn't like me much. Well, I am the mother of his former live-in girl friend so I can understand her reluctance to include me in their life. Anyway, he was our friend through the dhop I used to have before he was my daughter's boyfriend and now he is in contact again. He is a photographer, amongst other things, and when he realised that I take pictures and scrapbook he said he had a camera and he would bring it when he visited.
I didn't expect him to remember but he did. He brought it whith him. An Olympus SP 55OUZ. It is fabulous. I have spent quite a long time playing with it. We went out on Friday and walked about the city centre pointing our cameras at things and trying different settings. On Saturday I took a few from my favourite spot outside my back door and today I took it with me to the dedication of my cousin's new baby. I was able to take pictures using the available light setting so there was no flash to disturb anyone and with the zoom lens I could sit happily at the back of the congregation.
I will post some of the pictures soon but at the moment I am still learning how to do things. He has promised to teach me about photoshop too. I always learn better when someone shows me rather than reading things from a book.

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