Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Two Christmas stories

I thought about what I wanted to write, then I wrote it, then I decided that it is just too personal to share with anyone outside my immediate family as it stirred up feelings I had thought long gone. I am not even sure if I will put the stories into my journal or whether they will go into the folder to be read after I am gone - yes I do have one.

I think this picture of Blue Cat (the name is a long story) with his "bah humbug" face on is just so good and sums up how I feel today so I won't write anymore

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Ann Freeman (mafswife) said...

First time visit to your blog via JYC so hello! Just wanted to say I hope you feel less bah humbug soon, I too have been a bit blue of late, think it is the season. Maybe you could include the stories you have told in envelopes on your page, or maybe just writing them down will help x